My Tools of the Trade

Whether you are new or seasoned, there are amazing tools that can save you time and money. Below are some of my favourites. Some are free, most require an investment (although nearly all will have a free trial period) but when you see what they can do and the level of automation they give you they are a must! 

The secret is knowing the best ones to use at whatever stage you are at so you don’t end up with a load of expensive, unused software that sits on the digital shelf collecting digital dust while you wait for your annual subscription to run its course. Believe me, I have a few of these as well - but learn from my mistakes!! 

What I show you here is what I am using or have used. Some software is useful at an early stage before you move on to more sophisticated tools. I continually review and check out what’s needed to build an online business. I am part of a mastermind that is constantly experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Part of the digital marketing world is the use of affiliate links. That means I may get a commission if you purchase the software via these links. However, the price you pay isn't any higher because you use my affiliate link. Obviously I don't control the software or what happens to it in the future so be sure you are happy with the terms and conditions (just as you would for anything you buy or subscribe to!). If there are any issues then please go to the specific products help desk to get it resolved as I won't have a clue or be allowed in to the software to help you! 


Leadpages - landing page software

This really easy to use tool has saved me and loads of others hundreds of hours and a load of money. LeadPages is straightforward to use but looks really professional. It will allow you to scale your business, because it is easy to confidently roll out more and more lead-generating campaigns. Definitely worth checking this out!

Convert Kit 3.png

ConvertKit - autoresponder software

ConvertKit is a great tool. As a way to automate your email responses there are lots of tools and I recommend a few here. Each of these autoresponders has slightly different features and price points. If you asked me to pick my favourite then I think ConvertKit would just edge it! Why? Because the deliverability of the emails is really good and getting your email to your email list is the priority!

Aweber logo.png

Aweber - autoresponder software

Aweber is a really well established piece of kit. It can be integrated into loads of other software and most people have heard of Aweber. Obviously the reason for that is because its good!

As I mentioned above the autoresponders are all slightly different both on features and price. Pick one, try it and get good at using it!