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The Dad Business

All things about trying to be a dad and a business man in the 21st century

When you are trying to be a good person, a good businessman and a good Dad all at the same time, it doesn't always work out! So why do we do it? It must be for the love of it!!

Sometimes its just me, sometimes its with other Dads, sometimes it is my biggest fans (and critics) whoever it is the talk is about how we can try to get the odds in our favour, get better and ultimately feel good about it all.

I love property, business, social media marketing, coaching, becoming wealthy, talking and, of course, my family. This podcast covers the lot...


“These guys are great Dads!"




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How To Raise Money

You can learn the skills of raising money

How to Raise Finance with Nigel T Best and Ray McLennan - this is the podcast that does what it says on the tin!

Nigel and Ray discuss the learnable skills that can help anyone raise money. With access to some amazing people they delve into what investors are looking for when they invest. And if you know what investors want then you can raise as much money as you need!

Tune in now to start raising money

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The Dad Business Episode 1

Hello and welcome to The Dad Business

In this opening episode I lay down the ground rules, spell it out for you and...only kidding! I just give you a quick overview of what the podcast is about and why it is for you if you:

- ever wondered why your Dad does what he does

- ever wondered what your Dad does

- ever wondered what other Dads do

- ever wondered what you (the Dad) were thinking when you took on two of the hardest jobs out there (and yes I know, I know - you Mums have it much harder :-)  )