What is Facebook's value?

The Answers:

  • $500 billion?

  • A lot less than it was a few days ago?
  • Or is it $0?

All of the above are right because I will show that it depends upon you.

Are you a shareholder? If you are then the first two may be right.

Are you a stock broker? Then the second answer may be perfect as a reason to recommend a Buy to your clients.

Or are you in business and have products or services for sale?

Well in that case the first two answers are irrelevant and the answer that Facebook is worth $0, nothing, nada might just be right.

Why is that?

Well, I wanted to remind you that the value of Facebook should be totally and utterly different to any stock market valuation. Because you should be thinking 'what is the value of Facebook...TO ME?'

The real answer

If you are not using Facebook in your marketing whether it is for your Brand building, Network growth or Income generation then the value of Facebook is $zero

I may be wrong though because if you are using Facebook badly, then the value may actually be NEGATIVE!!

Whether you like Facebook, if you are in business then you simply have to be using social media platforms. And Facebook is the daddy of them all. Over 2 billion users. Super niche targeting. Easy to use (once someone has shown you how!!) tools and much of what you can do is free or at incredibly low costs - 1 penny per customer view of your video anyone?

Facebook is also linked with Instagram - and they are heading for a billion users - so learn one system and you kind of know the other.

It's all good isn't it? 

If that were true then the number of Facebook advertisers would be a lot higher than the fraction of 1% of Facebook users it is at the moment.

The real answer is that it is that good. It's just that people listen to those who tried, got it wrong and lost a few hundred $ and they shy away from trying it themselves.

The value of Facebook to you should be priceless. If it is anything less then you need to take action and put Facebook marketing front and centre. Oh and if you think 'my customers aren't on Facebook' then the first thing you need to beliefs. 2 billion on Facebook but your customer isn't? Come on. Look again. Learn how to do it right and make Facebook's value to you skyrocket!

Nigel T Best

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