Why would anyone want to spend time on social media?

Ok it's a bit of a trick question!

But you can answer it anyway...

is it because it is fun? Maybe it wastes a bit of time whilst you wait for your train or bus? Perhaps it is to catch up on some crazy action? Or is it because you have nothing better to do?

Whatever it is, I bet it your answer wasn't...to make money!

But it should be.

Never before have you had the attention of a third of the planet's attention in the palm of your hand with a device that can be used to target your customer, deliver them a product and get paid for it with such ease and incredible speed as you have RIGHT now!

So the real question is are you taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity?

It might be that you kind of knew there was an opportunity but don't know what to do to grasp it? If that is the case then if I may suggest something I will. I suggest you keep tuned to this blog, go to my website nigeltbest.com  and open the door to a world of incredible avenues to making social media work for you and realising that you want everyone to spend MORE time on social media!