Nigel T Best


Podcaster, property investor, social media coach, business man and Dad.

Being a Dad can be hard

Running a business can be hard

Doing both can be ridiculously hard!

Listen to how I try to balance everything on my podcast - 'The Dad Business'

In business I am involved in care, property and social media.

Between them, the turnover is 7 figures and we work with over 100 staff.

I qualified as an accountant, which is useful but it wasn't really me. I couldn't stay in that sphere and running a business is much more me.

The downside is that when you run your own (family) thing, the risk and responsibility are yours too.

You cannot underestimate the difference in mindset between being an employee and an employer!

Just like you, I have good days and not so good days. Good ones feel great!

And after all, success is a feeling!