Double your sales, create loyal customers AND slash your marketing cost!

Tired of chasing new customers?

  • Then it’s time to have them chase you!

Fed up of answering the same questions and getting no sales?

  • It’s time to separate out the tyre-kickers from your real customers!

Still spending time and money on marketing without knowing if it works?

  • It’s time to get instant marketing feedback so you can do more of what works!

Does your customer service and support work for you whilst you sleep?

  • If not, it’s time to use ABI as your 24/7 assistant and create amazing customer service

If you are looking to double your sales, create customer loyalty and cut your marketing costs then you are in the right place!

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More Customers

More Sales

Better Cash Flow

More Time Working On Your Business

More Time For You

- Isn’t that why we started our business?

But if you feel like all of that is slipping through your fingers like water then you need to take a moment to think ‘what will make the difference?’

Let me be clear, I do not like AI, machine learning and social media as such BUT I do like what it can do for your business!

That’s why I help people like you understand and successfully use AI to grow their customers, sales & profit (whilst cutting costs!!)

My name is Nigel T Best and my background is 28 years experience as an accountant, property investor and owning/running a 7-figure business with over 100 staff.

I love helping others achieve success. There is something magical in seeing the joy in someone as a result of your help. Maybe that is because for many years I have been involved in caring for people. I don’t know but I enjoy it immensely.

As many of you will agree - juggling business, family and earning money can be tricky and I share the challenges and solutions in my podcasts 'The Dad Business', ‘How to Raise Money’ and the ‘Business Profit Club’.

Listen in and it may be that you know exactly what I mean!!

If you are thinking “Podcasting, what’s that?” then you are not alone. And if you haven't heard of podcasts then you need to listen in to mine! Believe it or not I have two: 

  • 'The Dad Business' - all about working out why running a business and being a Dad seemed like a good idea (it is by the way!)

  • 'How to Raise Finance' - which is with my good friend Ray McLennan and we talk about how anyone can learn to raise money! Just go to iTunes or Stitcher and look for How To Raise Money, click subscribe and listen to me and Ray on a weekly basis!

  • The ‘Business Profit Club’ with my friend Simon Hearn examines digital marketing solutions and how to take advantage of what is out there to help your business.

Enough of the talk, it’s great to meet you and now let's do this!


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Powerful Strategies for Your Business

nigel t best  |  Founder

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In terms of learning, flexibilty and fun podcasts are hard to beat!

See the simple guide How To Listen To A Podcast

I love podcasts! Whether in the gym, commuting, travelling, relaxing, cooking or whatever, you can tune in!



My Goal

Its simple: Be the best Dad and businessman I can be.

And if I can help you with your property, business growth and start ups, social media marketing, podcasting, mindset or just chatting about being a Dad along the way, then perfect!

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Listen in to 'The Dad Business' and 'How to Raise Finance' for great info, support, ideas and money!

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Rocket your business to success!

I have three levels of training for those who want to start/grow their business online. Have a look at the which programme would suit you best in the Learn With Nigel section >>>>

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Coaching with Nigel

I have a limited number of clients that I work with on a personal 1 to 1 basis. If you would like to work more closely with someone regarding Business, Property and Social Media then get in touch

Currently I am working with Property investors developing their marketing strategies using webinars and Facebook Ads

Tools of the trade

I am often asked about the tools I use. Digital tools are needed these days for business and I discuss some of my favourites - check out my favourites here - Remember that new tools and software are always being developed and released so you have to be prepared to flex to stay competitive!